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Our Fixer Upper Farmhouse

Our Fixer Upper Farmhouse

If you have been following my journey, then you know that last fall we relocated to Virginia from the Pacific Northwest. Personally and professionally this has been way more challenging than expected. My kids have bravely started a new school, and KPC and Co. has been working super hard to become part of a new community. I am thrilled about the opportunity for KPC and Co. to grow in Northern Virginia. Keep reading to hear about our fixer upper farmhouse.

But, in order for KPC and Co. to thrive, our family (mostly me) needs a special place to call home. We loved our home in the Northwest, it was full of character and quirks that made it ours. I was so worried we wouldn’t find a home with the same character and charm. But low and behold, by chance, we found our forever home. A picturesque 1910 farmhouse that is full of light and love. It is a perfect place for family time and making memories.

Our Fixer Upper Farmhouse

Our family really loves old homes. This is actually our third old home. In fact, our first home was a complete fixer upper, a 1870s home which we completely renovated. (Full disclosure about all the renovations, my dad is a contractor and a handyman extraordinaire who has been my teacher and mentor along the way).

Our second home was a 1926 Tudor style home in the historic South Capital neighborhood of Olympia. I love love love this house. Like I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love it. It was tiny for our family of five, but we made it work. We only had to upgrade a few things, finish the hardwood floors and add a bathroom. It has a curved staircase accented by a two story window, beautiful built ins, and floor to ceiling windows that opened outward like you were in the English countryside garden. Can you see why I was so worried about finding a place to call home in Northern Virginia.

The KPC and Co. Farmhouse Blog Series

Which brings me back to our fixer upper farmhouse. Follow along with my new blog series as I share our journey to make this old farmhouse our own. My new, old farmhouse is not a total fixer upper; however like most older homes, it does need some love. I am so excited to get my hands on every inch of this house inside and out! I am going to modernize this traditional farmhouse, but keep all the charm and character. Get inspired by DIY projects and learn how to upgrade your home on a budget. I can’t wait to post about our recent kitchen upgrade!

Our Fixer Upper Farmhouse

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